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                                            About our Tours


The Matsushima Goodwill Guides offer comprehensive English sightseeing assistance around the Matsushima area (Zuiganji Temple, Entsuin Temple, Godaido, Kanrantei Tea House, Fukuurajima Island, Oshima Island, and the Matsushima Seaside Area).

Please contact us via email with inquiries about tours at least two weeks before the requested tour date. Our scheduling team member will search for a Matsushima Goodwill Guide who is available on the requested date and respond via email. Before requesting a guide, please read and acknowledge the below points.



(Guides do not require guiding fees; however, the below items will be at the expense of guests)

1.    Transportation fees from the guide’s house to Matsushima

2.    Transportation fees during the tour (please let us know in advance if you will be want to use a taxi, bus, or boat)

3.    Lunch fees during the tour (if applicable)

4.    Entrance fees (guides are allowed to enter Zuiganji and Entsuin Temple free of charge)


                                             Terms and Conditions

1.    We do not guide for commercial purposes

2.    We do not accept responsibility for any accidents, injuries, robberies, or damage to property that occur during tours

3.    We do not guide using private vehicles

4.    We do not guide past 4PM

5.    We do not arrange transport to Matsushima

6.    We do not make reservations for transport, hotels, restaurants, or plays


We will not be able to offer tours if:

1.    We do not have team members available on the specified date

2.    Guests cannot agree to our terms and conditions

3.    We do not receive a request at least two weeks before the desired tour date

Guests cannot reach Matsushima by themselves


                                                Please Also Note

Guides must be consulted plenty of time in advance regarding cancellations and time changes. If they are not, we will no longer be able to offer our services. If scheduled guides experience some unforeseen circumstances we will do our best to dispatch a different guide, but please understand that in a worst case scenario we will be unable to offer our services. We do not allow the publishing of a guide’s personal information without the prior consent of the guide him/herself. In addition, we will cancel tours if there is a typhoon or other natural disaster.


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